The best tips for creating an IXXI collage

You probably have plenty of beautiful photos and they deserve to be seen. IXXI gives you the best tips to turn your favourite photos into a lasting memory in the shape of your perfect IXXI photo collage. Hop hop: get started!

Selecting your best photographs

Quality is key
Creating a stunning collage begins with a selection of your most attractive images. Pay special attention to their quality. The IXXI module clearly indicates when an image does not have the necessary resolution. These days, even your smartphone can take the sharpest shots - so by all means: don’t skip the photo album on your mobile ;-)

Use your Instagram or Facebook photos

You can easily upload your own photos in the blink of an eye, using the online IXXI module. The tool also has an option to import your Instagram or Facebook images. Super fun! Your entire Instagram feed turned into a perfect collage.

Tip! By adding a frame, you can create an attractive composition, regardless of any differences in filters or positions.

Choose a creative combination

Pick one single base colour
Your images don’t necessarily need to match, but when you make sure that they feature one single base colour, it will tie the collage together as a whole. This can also be done by using a filter from our module. And wouldn’t it be fun to alternate colour images with black and white photos? Especially when all colour images contains that same base colour, your IXXI will have a playful and creative effect. 

Change perspective
When you alternate close-up images with pictures of landscapes or portraits in a similar colour hue, hardly anything can go wrong. It immediately adds an interesting touch to your collage and will make you want to look at it for hours!

Tip! Why not drag an image over 4 IXXI cards to add a fun effect to your collage?

Personal touch
Personalise your collage by adding your favourite quotes - or search Pinterest for images to make your collage even more attractive. Using stock images will turn your collage into a trendy showpiece.

Keep your collage up-to-date

Expand and exchange
With an IXXI repeat order you have the possibility to quickly update or exchange parts of your collage. You can already place a repeat order for as little as two IXXI cards. Add new images and create a differently shaped IXXI. Or switch colour and choose a new look for your interior!

Get creative and use the IXXI editor to design your own personal collage. Why not share your IXXI through #ixxiyourworld? We are looking forward to seeing it!



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