Be creative with your photos

Remember that beautiful view from your vacation, that cozy restaurant around the corner, or the stunning portraits from that family photoshoot? Your camera roll is filled with delightful memories, so why not bring them to your walls? With IXXI, you can enjoy your most cherished moments in a grand way every day. Upload your favorite photos and design your own unique and personalized wall decoration.

IXXI photo products

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Always up-to-date

Your latest photos on the wall

For a lifetime

Premium quality, 100% recyclable

No drilling

IXXI sticks to any wall

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The IXXI cards are available in two sizes: 10 x 10 cm and 20 x 20 cm. There is no limit to the size of your IXXI wall decoration. From small but nice to wall-filling; everything is possible!

Replace & expand

We deliver your IXXI including the suspension system. You hang your photo collage on the wall with tesa Powerstrips. This means you don't need any tools! Do you want to expand or re-hang your IXXI now?Then here you have all the possible expansion kits.

This is included

You will receive your photos printed on our square IXXI cards, the connector pieces and hanging system with which you can hang your photo collage without drilling. The cards are made of high-quality art paper. They are water-resistant, UV-resistant and guarantee a long lifespan.

Design, sustainable & recyclable

Recognizable from far away. And even award-winning: IXXI. A tile and a cross. 2 simple ingredients with endless possibilities. And also 100% recyclable from product to packaging. Did you know that the tiles are made of Synaps? A strong material that doesn't tear, fade and doesn't let water through. The cards are printed in top quality. So that your photo or piece of art can last a lifetime, just like the memory itself.

For now and forever

IXXI's innovative system uses just a tile and a connector to create an infinite range of wall decor configurations. And, with a focus on sustainability, everything from the product to the packaging is 100% recyclable and made only when you place your order.

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