Photo tiles

Photo tiles

Photo tiles

Quick and easy, click in new photo cards into your IXXI or add rows; it's a breeze!

From €4.99

Quick and easy, click in new photo cards into your IXXI or add rows; it's a breeze!

From €4.99

Always up-to-date

Your latest photos on the wall

Replace photos easily

Change your photos in 1 second

Easy to extend

Enlarge your wall decoration without drilling

More than a Refill

Keep playing!
Easily switch out old memories for new ones with just one click. Keep your IXXI up-to-date and let your imagination run wild. Play on!
For now and forever
Bring your valuable memories to life with an IXXI. Play with your walls and swap photos or adjust the shape of your IXXI just the way you like it. An IXXI grows with you your whole life.

All the info you need

This is included

You will receive your photos printed on our square IXXI cards. This allows you to replace old photos in your collage with new ones, easily expand your wall decor or even replace your entire IXXI with a new one. You already have the connecting pieces and hanging system!

Size of the tiles

The IXXI photo tiles are available in two sizes: 10 x 10 cm (3.9" x 3.9") and 20 x 20 cm (7.8" x 7.8")

Always up-to-date

The patented flexible coupling system makes it possible to replace cards or expand your wall decor. With just one click, your wall decor stays up-to-date.

Replace & expand

Click a photo out of your IXXI and easily replace it by putting a new photo card back in place. Yes, it's really that easy! In the same way, you can add new photos and expand your wall decor without drilling. Do you want to expand or re-hang your IXXI now? Then here you have all the possible expansion kits.

with you

Keep your interior always up-to-date with your finest photos and fondest memories. With the convenient hanging and coupling system, you can easily add your new photos to your IXXI without having to drill, which is great!

Say hello to design

Design with the IXXI twist
Recognizable from far away. And even award-winning: IXXI. A tile and a cross. 2 simple ingredients with endless possibilities. And also from product to packaging 100% recyclable.
For a lifetime
Did you know that the cards are made of Synaps? A strong material that does not tear, fade, and does not allow water to pass through. The cards are printed in top quality, ensuring that your photo lasts a lifetime, just like the memory itself.
This is how you hang your IXXI refill on the wall - IXXI Demo ● IXXI your world

Replace & expand photo tiles

In this video, we show you how easy it is to replace your photo cards or supplement your wall decor. We can't make it any easier!

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