Sustainable wall decoration

Sustainability is a top priority at IXXI. We are happy to tell you how we contribute to a smaller ecological footprint.

100% recyclable

Premium quality

No waste

On demand production

Low CO2 emissions

Compact packaging

We invest in quality

An IXXI consists of 95% cards from Synaps; luxury polymer paper produced by Agfa. This material is tear-resistant, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, and guarantees long life.

An IXXI is also completely free of toxic substances and 100% recyclable.

Responsible production

All IXXIs are produced on-demand. We, therefore, do not produce anything that does not yet have a destination and thus avoid waste.

We store the residual material that arises during the cutting of IXXI cards. This is used by Agfa to make new base material.

Compact packaging

We limit our CO2 load from storage and shipping by using lightweight and compact packaging.

In addition, all parts of IXXI are completely produced in the Netherlands. A passionate team makes every effort to make you feel even more at home in your own interior with a beautiful IXXI.