IXXI Online Manual

Click your IXXI together in no time and hang your wall decoration without drilling. How? We'll show you step by step!

Connect the cards

Connect the cards with the connectors (X- and I-shaped, hence our name ;)) and the supplied clicking tool. But leave the top row empty, so you can attach your IXXI to the wall later on.

Prepare the wall clips

Let's prepare the wall clips and powerstrips for their job; attaching your IXXI to the wall.

The powerstrips are adhesive on both sides. Remove the cover of one side and attach it to the back of the wall clip. It's important that you don't remove the cover of the other side yet!

Position the powerstrip

Make sure the red stripe on the powerstrip ends up sticking out from under the wall clip. This will come in handy if you are ever going to remove or move your IXXI.

Prepare the ruler

With the ruler, you can easily hang your wall decoration perfectly level. The ruler is folded in half, so the first step is to unfold it.

Next up is to position the wall clips in the ruler. That's what the hatches are for.

Connect the wall clips to the ruler

For the first hatch, you only need the bigger part of a wall clip. You can easily break off the circle and click the remaining wall clip in the first hatch. Set the circle aside, you'll need it later. We want to create as little waste as possible!

Then, click the required wall clips into the other hatches of the ruler.

* Is your IXXI wider than the ruler? We explain in a later step how to extend.

Setting up the water level

You'll find 2 tabs in the middle of the ruler with round cutouts, which you can fold towards you. Fold them straight up and slide the water level through the openings. Make sure it's centered.

Next, stick a piece of tape to both sides of the ruler.

Position your IXXI

Determine the place of your IXXI on the wall. The height where you attach the ruler will be the top of your IXXI.

Stick the left side of the ruler to the wall using the tape. Attach the right side as well, using the water level to make sure the hanging tool is perfectly level.

Attach the wall clips to the wall

Almost there! Your IXXI wall decoration will enrich your interior in a minute.

Fold the first hatch up and remove the protective cover of the powerstrip. Then fold back and press the wall clip to the wall during 5 seconds.
Repeat this for the other wall clips as well.

* For IXXI's wider than the ruler

When you've chosen a large size IXXI, the ruler doesn't have the width you need. No need to panic, because you can re-use the ruler to add more clips to your wall.

Gently click the ruler off and refill it with wall clips, except for the first hatch. You need to attach the first hatch to the last set of clips on your wall. Level the ruler, attach the left side with tape, and repeat step 7.

Hang your IXXI on the wall

When you've attached enough wall clips, you can remove the ruler by carefully clicking it off.

Take your IXXI that you've assembled in step 1 and click the top row - that you have left empty, remember - on to the wall clips. There will be sticking out a circle on the right side. Break this circle off, just as you did earlier, and click each of them in the bottom corners.

Finishing touch!

Attach the IXXI brand label to show everyone how proud you are of your beautiful self-created wall decoration.

Just take out one of the I-connectors on the edge, attach the label and simply click the connector back in its place.

Voilà: you just hung your very own unique wall decoration. Have fun with it!

Don't forget to share your creation with #IXXI !

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