Demo: how to hang your IXXI outside

Would you like to hang your IXXI outside? We'll show you how to do that using the Outdoor hanging kit.

Tips for hanging your IXXI outdoors

Tips for hanging your IXXI outdoors

🌿 Do not hang your IXXI in direct sunlight, to enjoy your IXXI as garden decoration for as long as possible.

🌿 Keep the IXXI protected from rain as much as possible. Although the cards can withstand a splash of water, your IXXI finds a downpour less pleasant.

🌿 Attach the IXXI at the bottom as well. That way, your IXXI won't blow away at the first breath of wind.

🌿 Secure the wall clips alternately with a screw, so that your IXXI is firmly attached and can withstand all weather elements.

🌿 Pro tip: add an Outdoor kit to your order. This way you have everything you need to hang your IXXI outside!

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