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IXXI - Keeps giving 1:1

Your picture playground

The most personal X-mas gift 🎄

Choose a work from the special collection of IXXI artworks or photos from your own collection.

Endless creativity
Wall-filling, a miniature or a calendar... Square, rectangular, up with the stairs, around the corner, you create it.
Keep playin'
And the best thing is that you can create the IXXI you choose today which can be different tomorrow. Let your imagination run wild and keep playin'.

The Best Gifts

A system as flexible as life itself.
An IXXI grows with you throughout your life.

For now and forever
A tile and a cross. 2 ingredients but unlimited possibilities. IXXI is 100% recyclable from product to packaging and that all is only made when you have ordered it.
Together we make it memorable
Every day we help artists, designers and creative people like you to turn every IXXI into a personal masterpiece.

In collaboration

with the best partners

We support partners, artists and creators with every sale
and respect the rights of their works.

Wall decoration as design on the wall

IXXI is the most flexible wall decoration. The patented system consists of square tiled cards that can be connected through X- and I-shaped connectors. The biggest advantages of this: the tiled cards are easy to replace and your wall art is easily expanded. There is no limit to the size and because the material is so light you can hang it on the wall without drilling. This is how you can always create a wall decoration piece that exactly fits your needs.

Use your own photos to create a collage or enlargement. You can also create a photo calendar. Or choose from our large selection of designer works in the IXXI collection. The collection is curated together with premium partners like reputable musea, designers and world famous artists (think van Gogh museum, universal pictures and more) and should offer a great piece for everyone.

Why people love IXXI