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Photo book

Make the most of your memories: simply sort & store your photos with IXXI's photo book. Use it as a classic photo album, storing multiple photo cards, or turn your photo book into a bureau calendar and highlight your favorite photo. Storing your greatest moments is just a click away with IXXI's photo book. What's included with your IXXI photo book? • A cover to store 10x10 cm or 20x20 cm IXXI photo cards • 3 tabs • 2 rings which can easily be clicked through your IXXI photos With the IXXI photobook, sorting and storing your photos is a piece of click. Let's start with your IXXI photo cards: simply jot down a few keywords and the date on the back of each card. Then effortlessly click your photo card into the rings of the photobook and put the corresponding month tab in front of it. Voilà, the start of your personal IXXI photo story! Keep playing Looking to refresh your desk or put the spotlight on that one pic in your photo book? No problem: with IXXI's photo gadgets, you can easily switch your photos. Simply take your photo out of your photo book and place it in the IXXI photo block. Or your photo collage. Or back into your photo book, two weeks later. It's completely up to you: it's your picture playground.
  • Easy to hang, no drilling
  • Delivered within 3-5 business days
  • 134 people made their IXXI today!
What is IXXI?

The modular wall decoration system for your favorite art.

At any size
Thanks to our modular system, you can play endlessly with size, shape, and space.
Hang without drilling
All necessary tools to easily hang your IXXI are included for free!
Sustainably packaged
From packaging to product, IXXI is 100% recyclable. And shipped in a compact mailbox package!
Award-winning design
Winner of the Dutch Interactive Award, German Design Award, and the European Design Award.
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