Lady in Stripes - orange

Beautify your interior with Lady in Stripes - orange by Maaike Koster. A true eye-catcher on the wall!

  • Easy to hang, no drilling
  • Delivered within 3-5 business days
  • 173 people made their IXXI today!

Smart design. Hang without drilling.

With the IXXI hanging system, you can easily assemble your IXXI and hang your wall decoration in no time. Without drilling. How? Check the instruction video or the detailed manual!

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Everything you need. In a handy storage box.

This is included

  • 'Lady in Stripes - orange' printed by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop on our square IXXI cards
  • The connectors (X's and I's)
  • The click tool to easily click the cards and connectors together
  • The hanging strip, wall clips, and tesa Powerstrips® to hang your IXXI without drilling

The format

The cards of an enlargement are 20 x 20 cm. There is no limit to the size of your IXXI wall decoration. From small and fine to wall-filling; everything is possible!

The material

Did you know that the cards are made of Synaps? A strong high-quality material that does not tear, discolor, does not permeate water, is 100% recyclable and is only 0.33 mm thin. The cards are printed in top quality. So that your IXXI will accompany you for a lifetime.

Lady in Stripes - orange, by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop - IXXI

Answers to all your questions.

We understand that you may still have questions. We try to answer them as best as we can. We have already listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Feel free to also consult our customer service.

To customer service
What is the delivery time?
You can expect your IXXI to arrive within 3 to 5 business days after payment. Each package is sent with a Track & Trace code for online shipment tracking.
What are the delivery costs?
For orders of €75 or more, no shipping costs will be charged for deliveries to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Below that, shipping costs are €4.99 for the Netherlands and €5.99 for Belgium and Germany.
Can I hang my IXXI outside?
Every IXXI is suitable for outdoor hanging. The cards are made of high-quality synthetic matte material called Synaps. This material is water-resistant, tear-proof, and does not warp. Like any other photo product, sunlight may affect the print over time. If you also attach the IXXI at the bottom, you don't have to worry about it blowing away.
Can I pay with a gift card?
Certainly. In addition to the IXXI gift card, the following gift cards can be redeemed: VVV Gift Card, Home & Garden gift card, DE Gift Card

What others think of IXXI.

At IXXI, we strive for the highest quality. There is little that makes us happier than a satisfied customer. Do you have feedback for us or are you encountering any issues? Always feel free to contact our customer service.

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What is IXXI?

The modular wall decoration system for your favorite art.

At any size
Thanks to our modular system, you can play endlessly with size, shape, and space.
Hang without drilling
All necessary tools to easily hang your IXXI are included for free!
Sustainably packaged
From packaging to product, IXXI is 100% recyclable. And shipped in a compact mailbox package!
Award-winning design
Winner of the Dutch Interactive Award, German Design Award, and the European Design Award.

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'Lady in Stripes - orange' by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop

Make your wall more beautiful with IXXI's Lady in Stripes - orange by Maaike Koster. This beautiful wall decoration from the My Deer Art Shop collection is a great addition to your interior. Are you going for grand and sweeping and hanging your Lady in Stripes - orange wall-filling, or are you looking for something more subtle and placing this Maaike Koster-IXXI small & fine on your wall? The choice is entirely yours because you can order your IXXI in any size you want. From a Lady in Stripes - orange in poster size (40x60cm) to as large as your door or even as wallpaper: because your Lady in Stripes - orange-IXXI consists of separate cards, there is no limit to the size of your IXXI. The only limit is the size of your wall!

Speaking of walls: do you already know which wall your IXXI will be hanging on? Do you want to daydream with this My Deer Art Shop masterpiece and therefore place it in your bedroom, or hang it in the middle of the living room, for everyone to see? Or think outside the house and hang your Lady in Stripes - orange as a kind of garden poster on your balcony, under your roof, or on your terrace. Because all IXXIs are waterproof and tear-resistant, an IXXI is also ideal for giving your garden some extra atmosphere. Or what about the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen?

Whatever size and space you choose, you can easily hang your Lady in Stripes - orange without drilling, thanks to IXXI's unique hanging system. Upgrading your wall is just a click away.

Lady in Stripes - orange, by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop - IXXI
Lady in Stripes - orange, by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop - IXXI
Lady in Stripes - orange, by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop - IXXI
Lady in Stripes - orange, by Maaike Koster & My Deer Art Shop - IXXI
Maaike Koster & My Deer Art ShopLady in Stripes - orange