You loved me a Thousand Summers ago


Beautify your interior with You loved me a Thousand Summers ago by Frank Moth. A true eye-catcher on the wall!

In any size

No size limit

Hang without drilling

Easy to install

Fast shipping

Sent within 3 working days

Sustainable quality

IXXI is made from 300gr luxurious polymer paper. The material is tear-resistant, moisture- & UV-resistant, ensuring a sleek result and razor-sharp print. In addition, IXXI is completely free of toxic substances and 100% recyclable.

Hang without drilling

The patented connecting, and suspension system makes IXXI the most flexible wall decoration. You don't even need any tools to hang your wall decoration!

In any desired format

Wall-filling or on a small stroke of a wall; there is no limit to the size and shape of your wall decoration. IXXI is therefore suitable for any room, even outdoors.

What's in the box?

Your IXXI wall decoration is delivered including the connecting and suspension system. We will send your work of art in a letterbox package within 3 working days. So you can just leave the house while your new wall decoration is delivered onto the doormat!


  • Weight...
  • Amount of cards35
  • Card size20x20cm
  • Dimensions100x140cm