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Your photos on the wall

Your photos on the wall

An enlargement of your favorite photo or a visual summary of your life in a photo collage? Take your pic(k)!

An enlargement of your favorite photo or a visual summary of your life in a photo collage? Take your pic(k)!

Worldwide shipping

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Excellent rating on Trustpilot

Premium quality

Durable UltraHD print

Create your own masterpiece

More than photo wall decor

Keep playing!
Replace old photos with new memories. It only takes one click to keep your wall decor up-to-date. Let your imagination run wild and keep playing.
For now and forever
Bring your cherished memories to life with an IXXI. Play with your walls and switch photos or adjust the shape of your IXXI however you like. Just the way you want it. An IXXI grows with you throughout your whole life.

What's your story?

We are the canvas, you are the artist. We will happily print your personal masterpiece, so you can give your interior the finishing touch.

Say hello to design

Design with the IXXI twist
Recognizable from far away. And even award-winning: IXXI. A tile and a cross. 2 simple ingredients with endless possibilities. And also from product to packaging 100% recyclable.
For a lifetime
Did you know that the cards are made of Synaps? A strong material that does not tear, fade, and does not allow water to pass through. The cards are printed in top quality, ensuring that your photo lasts a lifetime, just like the memory itself.
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Grow with you

With our system, we challenge you to get creative and play with your interior, your walls, and your photos. IXXI adapts to your desires and situation. The possibilities are endless!

The most flexible wall decor with personal photos

The patented IXXI system offers you the opportunity to endlessly vary with your dearest memories on a photo. Upload your favorite photos, easily click them together and hang your design on the wall without drilling.

Do you have new photos of your family, a memorable trip, or other beautiful events? You can easily replace the photo cards or expand your existing IXXI with new photo cards.

Creating a unique wall decor with your own photos has never been so fun!

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