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Style your space with IXXI's customizable wall art

Simply click the IXXI cards together and onto your wall to create wall art in any shape, any size. No drilling needed!

Design with a twist

Recognizable from far away

For a lifetime

Premium quality, 100% recyclable

No drilling

Easy to hang

Our best-selling wall decoration

Keep playing. Easily achieve a different look and feel in your interior
with the wall decoration of IXXI.

Your life is always evolving

From a student room to a full-fledged home. Moving to a new city. Even your taste changes over the years. You need a system that is as flexible as life itself. That's IXXI.

Easy in, easy out

Swap your photos with just a click


Photos as masterpiece

For a lifetime

IXXI grows with you

Photo Wall Decor ideas

Life is filled with beautiful moments that you want to cherish. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small. With IXXI, you can bring these precious memories back to life.


A cute French boutique or a penthouse in New York: our unique modular designs can be found everywhere. The separate cards seem unconnected, but click them together and there's your favorite quote or pixelated Van Gogh.

What is IXXI?

Discover the award-winning IXXI: a modular wall decoration system that turns your walls into a personalized showcase of cherished memories and favorite artworks. With endless possibilities, create unique designs using your own photos or our collection. Customize the shape and size to suit your style. Unleash your creativity with IXXI.

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