Your photo as a design on the wall!

Your favourite image as a showpiece in your interior? You can with the IXXI Photo! Get inspired by the most beautiful eye-catchers with own photos. Which showpiece suits your interior style?

Take me away, the most beautiful holiday photos on the wall

We love going on holiday and taking photos of all those beautiful views, street art, landscapes and colours. An IXXI Photo easily allows you to reignite that holiday feeling at home. Upload your best holiday photo in our editor and create your personal wall decoration. An image like that will make you feel like you’re on holiday again!

Family love, the best memories as wall decoration

You experience so many treasured moments with your family. A wedding, days out with the kids or a baby on the way. We love keeping all these special memories as close to our heart as possible. Why not give one of these cherished moments a special place in your interior? Choose the best photo, upload it in the editor and that's it: your IXXI only needs to be printed and you’re ready to give these memories a prominent place in your living room :-)

Animal love, from your cute pet to an animal print

Turn your favourite animal friend into an eye-catcher on your wall! You’re bound to have some great pictures of your pet or maybe even a more exotic snapshot of animals you encountered on holiday. Let them lighten up your interior and go along with the interior trend. Don’t have a great photo of your own? Then search our collection for your favourite animals, including flamingos, giraffes and birds!

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