The promotion is organised by IXXI concepts B.V. You can find the terms and conditions and rules that apply to all of IXXI’s competitions below. Read them carefully so that you are familiar with the rules.

Participation in promotions
1. Participation in a competition is free of charge
2. Participation involves a response via IXXI’s social media or, if applicable, a completed registration form. a. One-off participation per person. b. Participation in promotions is only open to persons aged 18 or above.
3. Employees of IXXI are not allowed to participate in promotions.
4. The duration and the moment at which the winner is announced will always be indicated on the landing page, on the relevant registration form or in the social media post. 
5. IXXI retains the right to amend the T&C's at any time or call a halt to promotions without providing a reason.

Personal details
1. The personal details of participants will not be released or provided to external parties, unless you consent to receiving a newsletter from an external party.
2. The personal details of participants can be used internally to sign-up to the IXXI newsletter, if consent is provided within the promotion.

1. The winner of a promotion will be chosen via an unbiased drawing of lots.
2. The winner will receive a personal message via the social media channel which was used for the promotion. If an email address has been provided, the winner will be notified by email.
3. If the winner does not come forward within a week, a new winner will be chosen.
4. IXXI is authorised to exclude participation if there is a suspicion of irregularity or fraud.
5. Participants who have not won a prize will not always be notified.

Products or prizes won
1. The products that have been won may not be sold onto third parties.
2. The products that are won cannot be exchanged for another item or cash.